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Neuropsychological Evaluation

Neuropsychological Evaluation: Diagnosing and Confirming Issues

A neuropsychological evaluation provides crucial insights into how your brain functions and how potential issues may impact reasoning, concentration, problem-solving, and memory. Our expert neuropsychologist, Dr. Ryan McKim, PsyD, can diagnose cognitive deficits, confirm diagnoses, and identify organic abnormalities in the central nervous system by assessing cognitive, motor, behavioral, linguistic, and executive functioning. This comprehensive evaluation is a guide toward effective treatments and rehabilitation methods, supporting your overall psychological well-being. If you’re having trouble sustaining attention, experiencing difficulties in relationships, have a history of substance abuse, or are experiencing anxiety, fear, or psychiatric disorders, a neuropsychological evaluation can help.
Understand how your brain is functioning and how potential issues may affect your abilities
Receive a personalized assessment of cognitive strengths and weaknesses
Gain insight into mood changes, which informs the best course of therapy, treatments, and medications

Why a neuropsychological evaluation has been recommended for you?

Some of the common reasons that may lead to a recommendation for neuropsychological testing include:
Inability to sustain attention
Anxiety or fear
Atypical social behaviors and inability or difficulties in establishing relationships
Slow acquisition of skills in spite of obviously being bright
Failure to achieve developmental milestones
Psychiatric disorders
History of drug or alcohol abuse

Types of Assessments

General Psychological Evaluation
We utilize a sophisticated yet brief cognitive and emotional screening and ongoing assessment process designed by Dr. McKim to facilitate early detection and intervention of clinical issues. This comprehensive neuropsychological and psychological evaluation can provide early detection and enable customized treatments.
Emergency Evaluation
An emergency evaluation can be performed when individuals exhibit agitation, violence, confusion, or hallucinations, posing a threat to themselves or others.
Clinical Consultation
Suppose you suspect you have a mental health disorder or are a family member worried about a loved one. In that case, clinical consultations can guide an individual to the right treatment program.
“The most effective results are seen when clients are engaged with their assessment and treatment. The protocol I’ve designed for Mind Therapy Clinic gets clients involved and motivated to create change in their own lives.” – Ryan McKim, PsyD

Why a neuropsychological evaluation has been recommended for you?

Why a neuropsychological evaluation has been recommended for you?

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