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Psychiatric Medication Management

A Tailored Approach

Mind Therapy Clinic’s psychiatric medication management services are integrated into our clients’ individual treatment plans to ensure the best therapeutic outcome. Clients have access to a suite of integrative and technologically-informed methods to enhance treatment outcomes.
rEEG biomarker scanning for accurate medication determination
Determining the role of medication in your treatment plan
Administration and management of your medication throughout the course of your treatment for optimal result

How Medications Compliment Psychotherapy

Typical treatments that may include psychiatric medication management include:
Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy
Pharmacological treatment
Individual psychotherapy
Treatments targeting specific diagnosis such as addiction and trauma
Case management and life skills support
Group therapies
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Common Conditions

We help adults experiencing emotional difficulties, including:
Attention, concentration, task completion
Depression and other mood problems
Separation/individuation difficulties
Eating disorders
Eating disorders

Our Therapists

Therapy Groups

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