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The Role Medication Plays in Psychotherapy

Mind Therapy Clinic News

The surge in demand for mental health help is not a surprise in 2023. But how do you navigate the changing landscape of treatment options? Get the latest information on how medication works with psychotherapy, and discuss best practices with leading psychiatrists.


1) Review the latest psychiatric medications and how they work with psychotherapy.
2) Learn how to recognize when medication is necessary and when it has limited benefit
3) Provide information on how medication facilitates psychotherapy process
4) Explain how families can be included and provide assistance

At the end of the webinar, participants will be better able to:

● Describe medications options and how they are used for what conditions
● Know when to introduce medication while in psychotherapy and when to divert from psychotherapy to medication
● Explain why medication is not magic bullet and how it can facilitate psychotherapy
● Manage ambiguity when it is unclear whether medication can help or not
● Discuss medication options with families and how to engage them in the treatment