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Family Therapy

Family Therapy: Empowering Families to Heal Together

Family Therapy at Mind Therapy Clinic is just one of our integrated services designed around the needs of our clients and their family members. It is part of the overall treatment program provided by some of the best psychologists who have dedicated their lives to helping people overcome mental health challenges. Family therapy can help with:
A family situation that is causing stress, grief, anger, or conflict
Improving troubled relationships with your partner, children, or other family members
Addressing the family impact of issues like substance abuse, mental illness, and conflict
Conflicts between parents and children and marital or financial problems
Helping family members cope with serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia
Addiction support, whether the family member is receiving help or not
PTSD support to share emotions and learn coping skills

What to Expect

In support of you, your loved ones, and your network, family therapy is part of a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan determined by your personal care team. It’s important to understand that family therapy doesn’t always take a long time to be effective, doesn’t require the entire family to be present at every session, has been proven to help, and can be more helpful for teens and children than medication. Depending on your personalized plan, family therapy may be combined with:
Individual therapy
Psychiatric medication management
Technology-assisted psychiatric treatments
Neuropsychological evaluation
Group therapy
Education and coaching
Intensive Outpatient Program
Partial Hospitalization Program
Trauma Treatment Program
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Family therapy can help if a member is struggling with:

Addiction and co-occurring problems such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, hallucinations, and others
Extreme mood problems
Severe psychotic symptoms, including thoughts of harming self and others, hallucinations, delusions, schizophrenia, and co-occurring disorders such as depression and OCD
Substance abuse
Behavioral issues such as social anxiety, peer difficulties, impulsivity, and impaired academic performance
Difficulty moving forward into mature adulthood
Disordered eating, including distorted body image
Family distress
Interpersonal and childhood trauma (read about Mind Therapy Clinic's Center for Trauma).
Relationship problems
Anger Management
Stress Management

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