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Clinician Programs – Postdoctoral Fellowship

Mind Therapy Clinic's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The postdoctoral fellowship program at Mind Therapy Clinic offers specialized training in treating complex individuals within a multidisciplinary care team. Our fellows provide services across levels of care including standard outpatient care, intensive outpatient (IOP), and partial hospital (PHP) programs. Our fellows have the opportunity to provide long-term support to clients as the individual therapist and team lead; responsibilities here include formulating individualized treatment plans, facilitating client transitions between levels of care, and coordinating care across the treatment team.

Fellows also have the opportunity to explore the wide range of psychologist roles as they determine their areas of interest and passions for a career in clinical psychology. This includes co-facilitating groups with our experienced staff members, completing comprehensive diagnostic/intake assessments as part of the program admissions team, and learning about the supporting duties required in a private practice setting (e.g. working with outside collateral providers, setting up treatment team meetings, and documenting work).

Collaborating Clinician Care
Longer Treatment Duration
Preventive Treatment
Enhanced Social Support
Reduction in Hospitalizations
Streamlined Communication
Optional fellowship opportunities also include:
  • Family Therapy Rotation: Includes the provision of family or couple’s therapy to patients in outpatient, IOP, or PHP levels of care and supervision on couples and family cases.
  • Intensive PTSD Treatment Rotation: Includes didactic training in evidence-based psychotherapy for PTSD (CPT and/or PE), weekly consultation meetings in these modalities, providing treatment to clients, and review of session recordings.
  • Intensive DBT Treatment Rotation:  Includes didactic training in DBT, weekly DBT team meetings for consultation, provision of DBT Skills Group(s), and providing treatment to clients.
  • Administration and Leadership Rotation:  Includes meetings with the administrative team and spearheading approved administrative projects to benefit the clinic.
  • Group Intensive Rotation: Includes co-facilitating more weekly groups.

We also like to collaborate with our fellows to carve out specializations aligned with each fellow’s interest when supervision is available.

For more information, about our clinic, the fellowship program, and the application guidelines, please download our training brochure.


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