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New! Therapeutic Meal Group for Disordered Eating Recovery

The therapeutic meal group is part nutrition education and part culinary skills development designed around a coached meal and post-meal process group. Even as recovery progresses, many people encounter difficulties at meal time such as trying new foods, preparing their own food, and implementing skills from intuitive and mindful eating. This group intends to bridge that gap and act as a laboratory to learn about and practice new skills and discover the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that show up during meals that may be inhibiting progress in recovery.


Some objectives for this group are:

  • Exposure to new or challenging foods
  • Learn simple cooking techniques
  • Increase comfort with social eating
  • Practice mindful and intuitive eating skills
  • Reinforce adequate portions and balanced meals
  • Encourage enjoyment when eating
  • Provide community support
  • Increase awareness and tolerance of thoughts and feelings when eating
  • Practice challenging food beliefs in the moment
  • Apply self-compassion when eating is hard

Above all, the goal is to create more ease with eating and maybe even have a little fun.

To register for this group, contact us at