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Brain Awareness Week Starts Today

Brain Awareness Week 2017

Every March, Brain Awareness Week (March 13-17) unites the efforts of many organizations worldwide in celebration of the brain for people of all ages. 

Mind Therapy Clinic supports this global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of the brain research alongside brain researchers worldwide.

Almost 20 million Americans have failed two or more medication therapies for a mental disorder.   Here is a blog entry from November 2016 with more details.  To tackle this problem Dr. Mark Schiller, M.D. and Mind Therapy Clinic have been in the forefront of medication response research.   EEG technology is used to match brain patterns with the right medication to find the most effective treatments for complex psychiatric problems.  For more information , see our research here.

Dr. Schiller is also an active member of the team developing PEER  Online®, an exciting new technology that provides a cloud-based access to a database of information gathered from thousands of previous patients’ brain scans, that now serves as a platform for an objective, scientific basis for prescribing psychiatric medications.  

We are proud to partner with the Dana Foundation this week in raising awareness for brain research and the importance of staying mentally fit and healthy.