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Complimentary Experiential Workshop: Break the cycle of shame and anxiety.

Please join us Monday evening, May 15 in the MindTherapy Clinic classroom for an experiential workshop on healing the core of addiction by Francois Benoist, founder of The Exclusive Hawaii addiction treatment center. 

When:  Monday, May 15,  6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Where:  Mind Therapy Clinic, (upstairs classroom #250)

For clinicians and clients.

This workshop is open to anyone suffering from addiction, an eating disorder, anxiety, or trauma, as well as mental health professionals who want to learn the tools of Experiential Engagement Therapy. 

Participants will learn skills to:

  • Break through the cycle of addiction, anxiety, and shame
  • Maintain a consistent level of clarity and peaceful presence
  • Cultivate deep self-acceptance and let go of performing for others
  • Enthusiastically solve your life challenges by exploring your core beliefs 

About The Exclusive Hawaii  

Located on the Big Island of Hawaii, The Exclusive Hawaii offers a custom, holistic addiction treatment experience on a 16-acre oceanfront estate. Unique methodologies include Experiential Engagement Therapy and Our Core Belief Restructuring™, a deep and proven effective approach to compassionate and lasting change. Clients are empowered to restructure their hidden beliefs and to connect with purpose and passion. Visit The Exclusive Hawaii  

Please join us for an engaging event! 

Seating is limited – please RSVP here.