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Law & Ethics training for 1 CE this Friday. Join us!

Join Mind Therapy Clinic for Law & Ethics Training: Professionalism, Boundaries and Privacy.

Terence Patterson, Professor, Counseling Psychology

Terence Patterson, Professor, Counseling Psychology

Friday, August 11, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Corte Madera Town Center, Community Room, 200

Terence Patterson, PhD

For Clinicians:
For friends and and colleagues of the Mind Therapy Clinic, we are offering Law & Ethics training tomorrow (8/10/17) for 1 CE.

The Training:
This workshop will address related ethical issues that cross into legal areas, pertaining to maintaining the highest levels of professional behavior. While “professionalism” can mean many things to different practitioners, ethical standards and legal statutes provide clearer guidelines that serve as foundations for practice. Emphasis will be on boundaries in relationships with other professionals and with the recipients of services.


  1. To understand the nature of basic professionalism as a mental health practitioner
  2. To distinguish between ethical and legal guidelines pertaining to professional boundaries

About the Presenter:
Dr. Patterson is a board certified couples and family psychologist, a professor, and a fellow of the American Psychological Association and the Counseling Psychology School of Education.
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RSVP here  (seating is limited).

For questions, please contact Jacqueline Perlmutter, Director of Professional Relations, 415-846-8409.