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Holiday Greetings from Mark Schiller MD and Mind Therapy Clinic


We have faced together a year like no other in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented all of us in mental with unprecedented challenges, but we have been resilient and found new ways to address the growing need for our services.

I am very grateful for our staff at Mind Therapy Clinic, who dealt with so much uncertainty and fear, and dove into a new reality of virtual treatment. We look forward to a time of return to in-person care, but they have seamlessly expanded their skills to fit into virtual treatment for their individual, family and group treatment.

We gained new knowledge as a participant in the larger behavioral health care community, which banded together to share resources, methods and treatment efficacy evidence in the service of providing the best possible experience for patients seeking treatment in very troubled times.

I’m also impressed and proud of the way in which our clients have also adapted tot he current new normal, accepting our new modalities of treatment. They have also told us that they look forward to a return to in-person treatment but are accepting the situation with grace and resilience.

We are grateful for your participation with us in our new reality. If you have resources or hope to give to those who may be in need this season, please be willing to bring comfort and healing when you can.

We wish you and those you love a meaningful and hopeful holiday season.


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Mark Schiller, MD, DFAPA
Medical Director & Founder, Mind Therapy Clinic