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Mind Therapy Clinic is an approved Spravato® center.


Mind Therapy Clinic is happy to announce that it has become an approved Spravato® center. Spravato® has a very different action in the brain from commonly used antidepressants. For those suffering from depression that hasn’t responded to a number of antidepressant trials, this new treatment may be a valuable options.

Spravato® is a newly FDA approved treatment for difficult to treat depression. This medication is a variant of ketamine and is administered nasally. The FDA requires that the treatment takes place in approved centers.

When should you consider Spravato® treatment?

If you have tried at least two antidepressant treatments without success, you are considered to have treatment-resistant depression that may respond to this treatment.

Other treatments and therapies available for treatment-resistant depression.

It is important to understand other options available to you in addition to Spravato®: