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Virtual Depression and Loss Group starting this week.

This group supports those struggling with symptoms of depression; who have difficulty regulating emotions; and who may engage in self-harming behaviors.

Depression & Loss Group

Work on processing and developing coping skills and self-soothing techniques for anger, sadness, and guilt and shame. Issues and themes will center on exploring issues related to grief, loss, and sorrow, as well as issues related to self- worth and self-compassion.

A core theme of this group will be processing about loneliness, isolation, and disconnection. We will also work to help group members develop a stronger sense of self, personal meaning, and the ability to act in line with their values. We will also work on increasing supportive relationships and exploring ways to utilize support systems, in addition to developing self-care, routines, healthy living, and mindful movement.

This group takes place on Tuesday 1:30 to 3:00pm