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Starting 4/20 – Group for Struggling Families


Are you a parent or loved ones of troubled teens, stuck young adults or those who struggle with mental illness or substance abuse/addiction? This group will help you identify effective approaches for reestablishing healthy roles, create constructive communication approaches and practice strategies to encourage healthy boundaries and self-care.

This Group can help parents and family members:

  • improve communication

  • gain skills that strengthen family connection

  • find support with other parents/family who are experiencing similar issues and concerns

  • learn how to set limits and boundaries

  • build a supportive network share with other parents/family who can understand and empathize 

  • get educated on how to move forward when you are feeling helpless and depleted

This group aims to help clients increase their awareness of their internal experiences, so that they can communicate more clearly and effectively with their child. Group members will process and explore with one another the challenges they face within their family unit as well as develop a deeper awareness of the discomfort they experience in relation to their child.  Group will focus on the ineffective relational systems that are occurring in their families and learn how to repair them. Key processes in this group will include self-compassion, mindfulness, active listening and self-disclosure, which helps facilitate safe, dynamic, honest, and empathetic discussions. 

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