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Dr. Perez on Unexpected Satisfaction @ Multi-Family Group

I have run many different Group therapies over the last 30 years, but my experience doing the MultiFamily Group at the MindTherapy Clinic has brought me an unexpected satisfaction that I did not anticipate.

Having been a lecturer, President of a Psychological Association, and a clinical psychologist specializing in individual, group and couples therapy for several decades, it is not often that I come across therapies that truly surprise me.

Claudia Perez, PhD

Claudia Perez, PhD

As I have come to discover over many years of practicing, the beauty of Group therapy is that support and empathy can exist when people who share a common experience get together and communicate.

What makes this group different is that myself and the co-lead of the group, a young adult can jointly connect to the members at a deeper level. Working with Jesse Rentz, PsyD has created this unique advantage.  I relate to the parents in the group having brought up 3 sons who are now adults, while Jesse is a young adult who can speak for the offspring or family member growing up in today’s world and can offer the parents an age appropriate viewpoint. The combination of these age-related developmental stages offers the group participants a very credible understanding.

In Group, the parents seem to be getting it as evidenced by numerous head nodding and confirmation of “feeling the same way.”  In time, Group participants will trust in a way that can only deepen their experience and perhaps benefit and not feel so alone with their problems. 

If you are a parent, a family member, or a loved ones of troubled teens, stuck young adults or those who struggle with mental illness or substance abuse/addiction, this group offers a safe space to explore feelings, concerns and fears related to the difficult journey with mental illness and/or addiction.

This multi-family therapeutic group is designed to identify effective approaches for reestablishing healthy roles, create constructive communication approaches and practice strategies to encourage healthy boundaries and self-care.

If you are interested in getting more information, contact me or Dr. Jesse Rentz by leaving your email address here.