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E-Street House – Open House 9/16 @ 4pm

Celebrate with Us the Opening of Mind Therapy Clinic’s E Street Supportive Housing

We are thrilled to offer E Street Supportive Housing, a beautiful Victorian home in central San Rafael for those individuals who need a structured environment to support their mental health treatment.

Since 2008, we have been offering a full range of evidence-based treatments to individuals with complex psychiatric issues. Now, Mind Therapy Clinic programs work with The E street House to provide an optimal treatment experience. Residents at E Street House live in a co-ed,  structured, therapeutically-oriented community  setting designed to assist each individual to  practice new skills and build healthy patterns in  independent living. 

Services include: 

• Support for Treatment Adherence 

• Resident Support Services 

• Support in Exploring Work, Volunteer, or School  Opportunities 

• Time Management and Self-Care Support 

• Opportunities for Daily Exercise, Socialization,  Cultural Activities and Recreational Outings 

Development of sustainable independent living  skills, cultivation of mental wellness and a balanced  lifestyle is the focus of life at E Street House. We  work with residents on essential life skills such  as time management, personal organization,  capacity to follow through with projects, cooking,  budgeting, as well as self-nurturing skills from  maintaining good hygiene to yoga and meditation.  Staff members provide feedback and guidance to  optimize residents’ opportunities for success. 

Intensive Outpatient Program, a comprehensive, evidence-based treatment program, with options for three-, four- , or five-day treatment.

Partial Hospitalization Program, for individuals with a primary psychiatric diagnosis requiring intensive support and structure without 24-hour supervision.

Medication-Assisted Treatments, in which prescription medications and controlled substances are initiated and used under the supervision of medical doctors in combination with behavioral therapies.

Full Range of Outpatient Services