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New! Equine-Assisted Therapy

Horses have been used for therapeutic purposes since the time of the ancient Greeks, and today, equine-assisted therapy is used in a variety of setting with all types of people. As a part of Mind Therapy Clinic program, we are now offering this new experiential therapy.

Providing equine-assisted therapy to individuals, groups, and families

Christina Nicholson is a lifelong horsewoman and an Equus, life and leadership coach in the Bay Area.

Coming from the corporate world, Christina got into this line of work because she believes in her bones that we each have the power to connect more deeply to ourselves and, in doing so, show up as more compassionate, authentic humans. In a world where we are constantly pulled in different directions and bombarded with distractions, Equus coaching allows clients to walk away from the chaos and fully immerse themselves in the present moment.

Coaching with horses provides an opportunity for clients to get out of their comfort zones and examine default behavior patterns and ways of thinking. This unique experiential learning modality provides a safe container for clients to explore their inner voice and dialogue, their approach to relationships, their leadership style and non-verbal communication. Clients walk away with greater awareness, a stronger sense of self, a deeper understanding of their strengths, and a sense of gratitude for their equine teacher and guide.

Equine-assisted therapy is now available through E-Street House and Mind Therapy Clinic’s intensive outpatient program.

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