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New Wednesday Groups

We have added new groups on Wednesdays to accommodate the new IOP/PHP programming, and in response to many of your requests for additional group options. Check out the program calendar to learn more about these new weekly Wednesday groups.

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  • Mindful Process – led by Neil Kobrin, PhD, members gain a wider perspective about the ways they relate to their inner world, and how this becomes reflected in their relationships with others. The group’s focus is to take note of feelings, thoughts and associations in relation to what is happening in the group or toward other group members and to utilize the experience to practice new relational skills. This group starts at 10am.

  • The Early Recovery Group – led by Amelia Howard-Smith, LMFT – is designed to develop and support ongoing recovery from addiction, compulsive behaviors, and co-occurring mental health conditions. This is a process and skills based group where group members will learn relapse prevention skills, identify and replace old ineffective coping strategies and negative thought patterns with healthier alternatives that will support recovery. It starts at 11:30am.

  • Radically-Open DBT (RO-DBT) is led by Katy Tarella, LCSW. Radically open dialectical behavior therapy is a groundbreaking, transdiagnostic treatment model for clients with difficult-to-treat overcontrol (OC) disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, chronic depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Written by the founder of RO DBT, Thomas Lynch, this treatment approach builds on standard DBT treatment by addressing the problem of emotion OVER-control and how this gets in the way of living a life worth living. This is a skills based group that will involve teaching, in-session practice of skills, homework and review. This group takes place fro 1:30pm to 2:50pm.

  • Expressive Arts Group is designed to build inner resiliency through exploring personal expression using the arts. Our aim will be to alleviate depression, soothe anxiety, and create meaningful connections both within ourselves and with others. We will emphasize increasing our sense of balance, harmony, trust, understanding, higher purpose, and creative problem solving. The group will focus on the unique strengths of each participant, evoking playfulness to create physical, mental, emotional safety and giving voice to a  range of cognitive and emotional states. Facilitated by our newest member, HAZAL SELÇUK , AMFT, RDT, REAT, RSME/T, it starts at 3pm.