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Welcome Dr. Matt Blagys!

Dear Members of the Mind Therapy Clinic Community,

I am extremely happy to announce Matt Blagys, PhD, as our new Clinical Director.

Matt Blagys, PhD

Dr. Blagys has a robust clinical background which includes a number of years working at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital psychiatric department, Yale’s Child Study Center and the Austen Riggs Center in Massachusetts. More recently, he has served as Clinical Director of Alta Mira and of Reflections, two premier, dual-diagnosis residential treatment programs. I have collaborated with Dr. Blagys for many years while he was at these facilities and have known him to be a wonderful therapist and excellent administrator. We feel incredibly fortunate that Dr. Blagys will be bringing his wealth of experience and expertise to our clinic at this challenging time. 

Dr. Blagys will provide individual and family therapy for our clients, with a particular focus on the treatment of mood disorders, trauma, and substance use. He will also lead a new group, Family Issues, on Wednesday afternoons. 

 I hope that you will all join me in welcoming Dr. Blagys. I know that you will find him to be a wonderful addition to our community.

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Mark Schiller, MD, DFAPA
Medical Director & Founder, Mind Therapy Clinic