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New Group Therapy Available: Coping with Triggers Group!

Coping with Triggers Group

The Coping with Triggers group is a process-oriented group that helps clients learn to identify the people, places, things, and situations in their lives that trigger them to engage in unhealthy behaviors.

As Carl Jung once said, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

This group will provide a supportive environment for us to shine a collective light on what motivates our unhealthy behaviors; once we have identified these behavioral triggers, we can learn and practice healthier ways of coping with them.

While this group will help those in recovery from substances such as alcohol and other drugs, people who struggle with the following issues will also benefit codependency, internet/pornography addiction, compulsive spending, disordered eating, compulsive gambling, self-harm, sex addiction, and/or any behaviors that have become detrimental to one’s well-being.

This group supports clients who are abstinence-based as well as harm-reduction-focused. We also welcome those who are ambivalent and looking for support around their change process.