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NEW! Experiential Therapy Group

New Group! Experiential Therapy Starting July 16th.
Many people seek happiness, but somehow it eludes us and we get stuck in the same old patterns that no longer serve us.  This Experiential Therapy Group celebrates who you uniquely are and helps you to feel more motivated to find freedom from anxiety and a new sense of direction.  Beyond talk therapy, this Experiential Therapy Group utilizes interactive tools so you can move beyond negativity and worry.   Practical Stanford-informed evidenced-based communication tools and action methods will help you transform/make positive changes.

In this Experiential Therapy Group you will:

  • Recognize your Basic Goodness & Courage
  • Take more Delight in the Everyday
  • Cultivate Increased Ease & Self-Acceptance
  • Get and Give lots of support
  • Have Fun! while trying out new ways of being
  • Feel more motivated
  • Undermine Shame
  • Find the courage to Love
  • Consider Forgiveness when things go awry