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Alina Belohlavek, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Alina Belohlavek,  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, received her degree in Clinical Psychology from San Francisco State University. Alina’s approach to psychotherapy includes a focus on personal inquiry and finding meaning. She uses a combination of relational, psychodynamic, mindfulness, and behavioral techniques, to explore the inner emotional landscape and, in turn, to become better equipped to manage stressful moments in life and to have more capacity for joy, meaning, and purpose.

Alina has a relational approach to therapy such that she views the relationship between client and therapist as paramount to healing and well-being. Her orientation is based on the relational theory that we all develop within relationships and that the valuing of and capacity for meaningful connections are important components of psychological health. Just as relationships can wound us (often within the context of our early/primary relationships), healing may also take place within relationships.

She also uses behavioral and mindfulness interventions with clients who are experiencing anxiety, depression, or other struggles. Alina views the intersection of your various identities as fundamental to your connections to self and others thus, she considers power and privilege and the social location(s) of each individual to understand your path towards healing.

LMFT# 377810

Alina Belohlavek, AMFT Photo
Uncovering Meaning Through Relationships and Mindfulness
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